Holiday Wish List: Thinking Outside the Gift-Wrapped Box

clementine for holiday gift listWhat's the perfect holiday gift? Of course world peace and good will toward everyone would be nice. But we're pragmatists here at One Thing New, so when it came time for holiday wishing, we decided to consider things slightly more within reach (but only just). We also realized our list shouldn't be merely about getting more stuff — most of the time, what we really want is a backhoe to get rid of all the stuff! So here's what we're wishing for this holiday season:

  • A day all to ourselves.
  • Ella Fitzgerald Sings the Cole Porter Songbook — on vinyl. Forget the debate about vinyl versus CD, analog versus digital, and which sounds better. There's just something cool about pulling a record out of its sleeve and putting it on the turntable to play.
  • Two pounds of seven-layer cookies from a great Italian bakery. I love those green, red, and yellow almond cakes, layered wtih apricot jam and coated in chocolate. Why is this a great gift? Well, have you ever tried to make them?
  • For the five-inch-heel trend to vanish, and for Nordstrom's, Lord & Taylor, and other big department stores to start carrying an awesome selection of cowboy boots. Cause that's what we wanna wear. Boots made for walking.
  • Five shares of Berkshire Hathaway. If it's good enough for Warren Buffett, it's good enough for us. (At last check, Berkshire Hathaway traded at about $112,000 a share.)
  • SmartWool socks. You can't have too many of these. They used to only come in grey, brown, and other exciting colors, but now there are bright cute ones, too.streep
  • More women over 60 (heck, over 30) on the cover of Vogue. Thanks to Meryl Streep, who at 62 is the oldest women to grace the cover of the fashion tome, for leading the way. She made the cover of the January issue — looking amazing, of course.
  • Clementines in March. That really taste like clementines.
  • While we're dreaming, Gurhan's silver and gold "hoopla" necklace. It is silly how much one of us, who is not a jewelry person, wants this necklace (name withheld to protect the guilty). It is out of the price range.
  • A weekend all to ourselves.
  • For the toddlers in our lives to start saying "thank you" on a regular basis. Ha!
  • Chanel Rouge Coco Shine lipstick. Expensive, but the colors are fabulous.
  • For the cleaning person to come once a week, instead of every other week.
  • For someone else in the house to take over the management of all social obligations (including playdates and babysitting) for the next 12 months.
  • Real honey, organic and locally produced. A November test by Food Safety News found that three-fourths of the honey sold in U.S. grocery stores doesn't contain pollen — sort of a key ingredient in honey. Yep, phoney honey. That's why getting the good stuff makes our holiday wish list.
  • A Macbook Air, instead of the brick I've been working on (Hey! I got that! Awesome! Thank you!)
  • A nice new, plush bathrobe.
  • Midnight in Paris and Paul on DVD. Both are funny, clever, well-acted and surprisingly upbeat. The first embraces a fascination with nostalgia and a visit to the Parisian artistic and literary scene of the 20s. The other follows two British comic book fans named Clive and Graeme (the guys behind Shaun of the Dead) and their close encounter with a profanity-spouting, pot-smoking alien trying to go home.
  • Fresh flowers every week.
  • Two tickets to The Book of Mormon.
  • A mechanical watch. It is possible — barely — to get one for less than a thousand dollars. Also somewhat (!!) out of the price range.
  • Moonwalking with Einstein: The Art and Science of Remembering Everything by Joshua Foer. The perfect read for those of us who search desperately for our keys, only to find them in our hand.
  • A donation to our local foodbank. Even better, a note from the foodbank saying they don't need any help this year, thank you very much, because all the families they usually serve are well fed and clothed. —CG and KW

 Clementine image courtesy flickr user simpologist

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